Fallout 4 Backpack Mod

Download Fallout 4 Backpack Mod Added the Commonwealth & Pouches

The Scavver’s Backpack mod adds two new backpacks in Fallout 4. This Mod is designed with various customization options to be fair and balanced.

The functioning of Backpacks increases weight capacity. The backpacks can be found at Vendors or crafted at chemistry stations.

Fallout 4 Backpacks of Common Wealth

This mod can be Download from the link. This adds 15 New Backpack Systems to commonwealth with custom stats.

this mod has 40 colors and 50 workbenches. Each mod has 5 new magazines of the unique perk.  vendors and fully integrated level list with NPCs.


Fallout 4 Wearable Backpacks

This mod comes with upgradable and craftable backpacks that can be download from the link. This mod adds six craftable backpacks with various textures. Backpacks like Wanderer’s Backpack, Survivor Backpacks, Adventurers Backpacks, etc comes with removable straps and strapless backpacks with increased carrying capacity.

Fallout 4 Visible Weapons

Fallout 4 Backpack Mod

This Mod makes your character visible with weapons on it without any manipulation of including mods. This mod allows you to link weapons with apparel. Depending on your Preference you can carry a pistol on your hip and Shotgun on back.

Fallout 4 Military Backpack

The modular Military Backpack is a Tactical backpack with carrying handle and two pouches with various types of equipment stored in them. The modifications can increase Survivor’s carry weight by 25 along with a variety of minimum stat bonuses. The military backpack can be wear with any armor. The modifications do not need any perks and components.

Fallout 4 Backpack Creation Club

The creation Backpack is available at general vendors and clothing vendors. This mod place bag automatically in your Inventory which gives you an extra 75 carrying weight. This also allows you to remove straps with proper fitting. There are 11 colors and 5 unique gear options with different effects and visual experience.

Fallout 4 Backpacks of CommonWealth Magazine Locations

Magazines in Fallout 4 allows the player additional perks. There are 131 magazines to collect throughout the Commonwealth. This includes Far harbor add on and Nuka world adds on. If a player builds a magazine rack the magazines can be stored in it which can be transferred to storage.