Fallout 4 Chameleon Armor

Download Multiple Fallout 4 Chameleon Armor Mod With Legendary Effect

Chameleon armor mod applies the chameleon effect to basic armor pieces. The Fallout 4 chameleon mod does not work to power armors. The chameleon effect adds a stealth boy effect to make the character invisible while crawling.

You can combine it with Legendary armor effects to boost agility and the ability to sneak.

Fallout 4 Chameleon Armor Annoying

Chameleon Armor Mod is annoying because it makes you invisible only 15% and not 100%. Following are how it is Awful:

  1. You are not able to see your character in dark. So it is hard to see if you have melee or not.
  2. You are not able to see your weapons to aim the enemies.
  3. It makes your Pip-Boy very hard to see the screen.
  4. You are not escapable so your enemies can see you easily.

Fallout 4 chameleon armor Stack


Chameleon Armor Stack provides the additional strength and endurance points effects. This is done when you have Power Armor or multiple armor pieces. Stack effect will improve and boosts your melee and unarmed damage. So, Chameleon Armor Stack is necessary for Unarmed builds and melee.

Fallout 4 Sentinel Armor

Fallout 4 Chameleon Armor

Sentinel Armor is a modified B-90 Armor suit for females. Sentinel Armor is craftable at the workbench or chemistry lab. armor is also available in the console by searching sentinel. also Sentinel armor mod requires Lord of War’s Mercenary Pack to edit the material files. You can download the mod from yhe below link.

Fallout 4 Legendary Armor Effects

Legendary Armor effects in FO4 are special effects applied to Armors using modifiers. You cannot scrap them but can modify them. Modified armors are random and cannot be named. Legendary Armor Effects gives the same effects of Unique Armor with Custom Name. Legendary Armor Mod add Energy Resistance and Damage Resistance to Basic Armors.

Fallout 4 Immersive Chameleon Effect

Immersive Chameleon Effect provides the stealth effect from Chameleon Armor while moving. The immersive chameleon mod can be download from the below link. The effects are toggleable depending on your weapon. When stealth running the field is stable and no AP draw. So you can crawl freely anywhere.