Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor

Quick Way To Get Your Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor Location Guide

Chinese Stealth Armor Mod adds the Chinese armors from Fallout 4 with additional armors. The mod is highly inspired by Gajunes reinforced Chinese stealth Armor Suits.

The armor suits are of black material and lightweight. Every piece has inbuilt enhancement. AWCKR by Valdacil is required for this mod.

Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor Location

Chinese Stealth Armor suit Is located at the Yangtze which is a Submarine located off the coast. If you have never been there, the quests will trigger. Go inside the submarine from the top into the engine room.

There you will find the Chinese Stealth Armor on the left side. You can customize the Suit.


Fallout 4 Fort Hagen Location

Fort Hagen is the location in Fallout 4 Commonwealth located to South-West of Arc Jet systems. Fort Hagen has 2 locked safes, 2 unique Weapons, and 3 Magazines. Also, Fort has some entrances in the building.

One from top of a roof and second from the bottom of the garage. The exterior of the fort will remain vacant until you begin Reunions Quests.

Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Suit Ballistic Weave

Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor

This Mod adds the Ballistic weave to Chinese Stealth Armor Suit. It enhances the players’ Strength and agility. It also serves better protection for the player. The mod maintains the balance between damage and energy. The mod can be download from the below link.

Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Suit

The Chinese stealth suit has all functionality which makes it fan favorite. The suit has portable devices for men. These produce the field that transmits the reflected light from one side to another side. This results in active camouflage. The suit maximizes the effect by creating flat surfaces. The suit is available after finishing the operation: Anchorage add-on.

Fallout 4 Chinese Stealth Armor Creation Club

The Chinese Stealth Armor is for fitted jumpsuit armor with an embedded camouflage system. The suit provides the 60 ballistic defense. It makes the person much harder to visible. The suit can be modified with ballistic weave. The location of a suit is the Military checkpoint of South Boston.