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Download Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters & How to Install Guide

Creation Kit is a major expansion mod in Fallout 4. The creation kit adds the craftable junks items that contain the basic settlement structure. The reflection of the mod is seen in Working interior lights, working fireplaces, automatic exterior doors, etc.

The Creation Kit changes the most of containers with items within them. The mod allows the player to break themselves from Charisma, local leader, and template.

Fallout 4 Character Builder

Character Building in Fallout 4 is an agonizing experience even if you’re playing for the first time. Character building in FO4 happens in tutorial while meeting Vault-Tec salesman. He will ask you about your choices from seven attributes. Each Attribute has two different aspects:  First is, each attribute has a numeric value that affects your raw abilities. Second is, Special Attributes governs Perks like hacking, lock picking, damage, etc.


Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters

Creation Kit will not build master files without enabling the creation kit in control systems. The version control system merges the Interim ESP data into the Master ESM file. ESM file is controlled by ESP data. Mostly modders create ESP files to edit ESM files in Creation Kit. Once the ESP file is made it will automatically convert file meta and extensions to Masters.

Fallout 4 Creation Kit Multiple Masters Fix

fallout 4 creation kit

Multiple Masters Files in Fallout 4 selected for Load sometimes stuck. So here is the guide to load multiple masters files:

  1. On the first line of CreationKit.ini and CreationKitPrefs.ini place BallowMutlipleMasters.
  2. Go to Documents Folder/ My Games Folder / Fallout 4 Folder.
  3. Open up Fallout4.ini File.
  4. Find ResourceArchieveList
  5. The File must looks like


DLCCCoast-Main.ba2, DLCRobot- Main.ba2, DLCWorkshop.ba2. DLCWorkshop01-Main.ba2.

How To Rollback Fallout 4

Due to the stealthy update, F4SE will work no longer. So here is a way to roll back your Fallout4 so that you can play until updates. If your game is not able to update after rolling. Then you have two options- first is to verify your cache files and download the new exe. Second is repeat the same method but change the last number.

Fallout 4 How To Install Mods For Fallout 4

Here is a simple guide to installing fallout 4 Mods. Nexus Mod Manager is recommended to keep things uniform and to install big files easily. Nexus is a platform to update and release the various mods.

Install Mod Manager:

  1. Make an Account on Nexus Website and Download Nexus Mod Manager.
  2. Install NMM And Confirm Path of FO4.
  3. Select Fallout 4 and Choose the Path to store Mods.

Install Mods:

  1. Search mod on Nexus and choose the file tab.
  2. Download With Nexus Manager.
  3. Install The Mod.

After Installing mods, set the mods in the load order.

Fallout 4 Bethesda Mods

Bethesda has thousands of Mods for fallout 4. Some Mods are similar to Skyrim Mods. Some of the best mods are listed below:

  1. Another Life: You regain control of your destiny. You can choose 36 different occupations.
  2. AWKCR: This mod allows other mods to work in a standardized framework for armor and weapons.
  3. Armorsmith Extended: This mod allows you to wear T-Shirts and other things under Armor.
  4. Craftable Ammo: The mod allows you to craft Ammo.
  5. Darker Nights: The mods make the night dark for more flexibility.
  6. DEF_UI: This mod allows the customization of inventory, storage screens, and HUD.
  7. Full Dialogue Interface: This mod gives you the command over the conversation with NPCs.
  8. Homemaker: This mod allows you to build larger buildings easily.
  9. True Storms: This mod adds new sounds, visuals. Effects and pattern in Wastelands.
  10. Script Extender: This mod allows us to run and install advance mods to take advantage.

Fallout 4 Creation Kit Not Launching

Bethesda launcher at your desktop is not the shortcut. Now to solve this, you have to install the directory of Fallout 4. It should be C:\Programme Files(X86)\Steam\SteamAppps\Common\Fallout 4. The other is where you have installed it. Then you have to create a Shortcut from CreationKit.exe. Now launch the game.

Fallout 4 How to MOD

Creation Kit allows ESPs to modify the ESMs but actions are different. The problem is the Creation Kit does not Accepts ESP to become a master of ESP. But without a master, new ESp can’t modify anything. But there is a trick to let the ESp remember another ESP. After which a new mod can modify and use the old ESP.