Fallout 4 Desert Ranger Combat Armor Download With New 2022 Texture

Long ago, just after the bombs were dropped, a group of survivors got together to form the Desert Rangers: a group dedicated to safeguarding the innocent against all tyrants and madmen. They say there are still some out there, roving and preserving the peace out in the wastelands, despite the fact that most have been incorporated into the New California Republic.

The Fallout 4 Desert Ranger Armor is a unique type of Armor that was introduced by the US marines. This Armor is mainly in use in Shanghai and Nanjing at the time of the Yangtze Campaign. Also, it belonged to Sgt. R.B Vickers from the Yangtze just before the war.

This Ranger Armor gives superb protection similar to the T-45D Armor.

A reimagining of NCR Combat Armor that incorporates some of the game’s excellent cover art. Overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up with a better glow texture and improved reflections, utilizing the numerous promo photographs as a guide. The Honest Hearts DLC Desert Ranger Combat Armor re-texture, which was previously available separately and required Honest Hearts to use, is now included.

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Combat Armor

Black Combat Armor is also known as NCR Ranger Combat Armor. The Black Combat Armor has a gas mask and low light optics. Military matching Helmets are worn with Ranger Armors. Desert Ranger Combat Armor is the inspiration for making Ranger Combat Armors. Intact optic systems in the armor make it the advanced form of Ranger Combat Armor.


The advanced version of Armor is heavily armored and possesses Intact Optic Systems.

Fallout 4 Desert Rangers

Fallout 4 Desert Ranger Armor

The Desert Rangers were indeed a group of survivalists who lived primarily in Nevada, but also in Zion Canyon and Arizona.

The Desert Rangers are the group of Vigilantes and Survivalists of the Nevada Area. Desert Ranger was the grandfather of Tycho in Fallout 4. Desert Ranger simply wears the leather Armor and teaches Survival Skills. Mojave Outpost monuments represent the shaking hands of NCR Ranger and Desert Ranger. NCR Veteran Rangers have the same appearance of Desert Rangers.

Fallout 4 Stone Bone Caves Location

The cave is located on a ridge above the main region of the Sorrows camp, inside the territory of the camp. There are a few pillars and a route to the left as you enter the cave. Across the path’s entrance is a tripwire attached to a grenade bouquet. The grenades will be thrown behind the player. For the cover, the initial room can be re-entered.

Fallout 4 Desert Ranger Armor is found in the Sorrow camps of Stone Bone Caves. The entrance of the Caves is connected to Grenade Bouquet with Tripwire. Straight Path of Cave has three bear traps. The right side of the cave goes to ankle-level water. The water has short traps with a purification system. The left path of the cave leads to the Reloading and Crafting bench.

Fallout 4 NV Ranger Armor

NV Ranger Armor comes with New Textures and Meshes. This Armor has the same protection as NCR Veteran Ranger Armor. The NV Ranger Armor is suitable for medium to pro characters. NV Ranger Armor is located in the Departmental store of Fallout. Jury rigging Perk helps the armor and weapon to repair themselves.

With completely new models and textures, this patch brings the NCR Veteran Ranger armor from Fallout: New Vegas into the current generation. It behaves almost identically to how it did in the original game. Characters in the middle to the late game will benefit from his stats.