Fallout 4 Everyone is Best Friend

Fallout 4 Everyone is Best Friend 2020 Update Dog Meat & Companions

Everyone’s Best Friend Mod provides you, standard companion. Along with companion, it allows you to have Dogmeat at the same time as the game.

For this, you need any type of hacks and console commands. The mod fixes the bugs for idle companion clutter spam. simply to download a mod in the below link Fallout 4 Everyone is Best Friend

Fallout 4 Dog Meat

Dog Meat does not apply to Live and love. Dog meat companion is intended to have with another mod. Because it is not a True Companion. Dog meat reduces the DPS and carrying capacity. Dog meat enables the lone Wander Perks of Game.

Fallout 4 Life Mod

The Life Mod allows you to start from beginning in a sequence. You can also choose various roles in the immersive role. The life mod allows starting with different occupations and weapons. It also provides you the perks and faction allies.


You can also download the Another Life Mod from the below link.

Fallout 4 Dog Breed Mod

Dog breed mod allows changing the old brown german Sheppard dog meat and many others. Dog Breed mod gives you 23 different types of Dog Skins. The mod is easily supported with Normal dog meat armor, collars, helmets, etc. You can alter the body style of raider dog skins at a workbench.

Fallout 4 Companions

Fallout 4 Everyone is Best Friend

Fallout 4 has thirteen companions which are available with Harbour, Automatron, Nuka world add-on. Some of the companions are as follows:

  1. Cait: It is located at Combat Zone. Complete the Combat zone for it.
  2. Codsworth: It is located at Sanctuary Hills Complete Out of Time quest.
  3. Curie: It is located at Vault 82. Complete hole in the wall.
  4. Deacon: It is located at Railroad HQ. Complete Tradecraft for it.
  5. Paladin Danse: It is located at Cambridge Police Station. Complete Tour of Duty Quests.
  6. Dogmeat: It is located at Red rocket truck Stop. 
  7. John Hancock: It is located at Old house in Good Neighbour.

Complete the bid dig and bpbbo Nose for it.