Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Armor Guide For 2022 Updated & Cover All Mods

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Armor is a particular type of Armor introduced in US marines. The Armor is used in Shanghai and Nanjing during the Yangtze Campaign. The armor belongs to Sgt. R.B Vickers of Yangtze before the War.

The Danger Ranger Armor gives excellent protection just like the T-45D Armor. The Mod from Nexus manager also changes the textures of the NCR Ranger Armor. The mod has no black helmet, no affiliation, log, and dark armor.

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Armor Location

Stone Bone Caves is located on a ridge area of Sorrows Camp.tripwire connects the Entrance of the cave and Grenade Bouquet. Three bear traps are there on a straight down path. The right path leads to a cavern with ankle-level water. The cavern has purification systems with a Shotgun trap. The left path goes to the room of the workbench and reloading bench. The short steps head to a platform of a survivalist terminal. The desert Ranger armor and Helmet are found in the Zion area.

Fallout 4 New California Republic Rangers

New California Republic Rangers are the elite military rangers are especially renowned for their combat power and capabilities. The superior training, weapons, and new technology allow them to battle in a worse situation. The perseverance of the rangers helps the republic to grow and survive in the wasteland. The number of rangers in Mojave Wasteland is not more than a dozen. The organized rangers are divided into companies and then Squads.

The New California Republic Rangers are the New California Republic’s elite military force. The Rangers are a volunteer special forces unit known for their outstanding scouting skills as well as their bravery and combat abilities. Their primary mission is to deal with threats that regular soldiers cannot handle, as well as to guard the NCR’s borders, scout for threats, and perform other special missions. Their superior training, armament, and collection of pre- and post-War technologies allows them to turn battles in NCR’s favour, even when they are outmanned and outgunned.

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Combat Armor


In Fallout: New Vegas, the NCR Ranger battle armor, also known as the Black armor, and the accompanying Ranger helmet are two pieces of armor.

The armor is made in the NCR, using pre-war riot gear as well as the Desert Rangers’ customary trench coat.

NCR Ranger Combat Armor is the Black Combat Armor worn with a military Helmet. Low light optics and gas masks are worn as complementary to Armor. The NCR Combat Armor is based on Desert Ranger Combat Armor. The advanced version of Ranger Armor are highly modified. They possess Intact Optic Systems. NCR Ranger Combat Armor comes in different versions such as Elite Riot Gear, Advance Gear, Riot Gear, etc.

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Safe House

NCR Ranger Safe House is a location in Mojave Wasteland in the northwest of the black island. The safe house requires the key to enter and is hidden in Rock’s face. The key can be obtained from Colonel James at McCarran Camp. The safe house area is densely surrounded by Radscorpions and Deathclaws. The NCR Ranger called Gomez to go to a safe house and request the ammunition. The entrance is a cave that goes to the safe house of three rooms. The room includes a dining room, bedroom, and generator room for power.

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Patrol Armor

Fallout-4 NCR Ranger Armor Mod

The NCR Ranger Patrol Armor is a combat Armor in Fallout. The Patrol Armor is designed to protect with less mobility. The Armor will degrade slowly, it means has high HP. Merchant Repair is a viable choice since the low value of the armor. If a player is good then they will get NCR Radio to call NCR Ranger to help in Combat. If the ranger dies the items can be looted easily. The Patrol Armor has a black Ceramic Combat Knife holster used by any player. The Patrol Armor is found in Ranger Station in Novac.

This armor offers the same level of protection as combat armor, but it has a higher item HP, which means it will last longer. It is usually obtained earlier in the game than battle armor, but without Jury Rigging or aggressively murdering NCR Rangers and taking their armor, repairs will be a problem. Alternatively, due to the low worth of the armor, merchant repair is an option.

If the player character’s status with the NCR is high enough, they will be given an NCR emergency radio and the ability to summon an NCR Ranger to assist them in a fight. The armor of this Ranger can be looted without affecting one’s relationship with the NCR if he or she dies.

Non-player characters can also repair it, and it’s a lot less expensive than standard combat armor. A black ceramic battle knife is holstered on the left chest plate of the armor, however, it is useless to both the Courier and non-player characters. As shown in the concept drawing, the rear of the armor has a ‘water backpack,’ which is definitely used to guard and store water. This is purely decorative and cannot be utilized. The NCR produces the ranger patrol armor by hand.

Fallout 4 NCR Power Armor

The NCR Power armor is the Salvage Power Armor of Fallout 4. The Power Armor has less damage threshold and weight due to less Agility. The Power armor has the strength to resist electrical attacks. The power armor is best in terms of effectiveness and weight to the DT ratio. The Armor is lighter than Reinforced Mark 32 and combat Armor. The main advantage of Power Armor is it has 1000 item HP. The Salvaged Power Armor is more Protective than other Ranger Combat Armors. The Armor is found in Forlon Camp, Hoover Dam, Ranger Safehouse, and Long 15.

Salvaged power armor does not require the Power Armor Training perk, and it lacks the +2 Strength and 10% radiation resistance benefits that T-45d power armor has. It has the same -2 Agility effect as before, as well as slightly lower weight and Damage Threshold. Pulse rifles and other EMP weapons have no effect because the armor isn’t powered.

T-45d power armor recovered by the NCR during their conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel is known as NCR salvaged power armor. NCR technicians removed the joint servos, making it more difficult to use, although it does not require any extra training.  The chest plate has a yellow NCR bear emblem painted on it, while the arms have red stripes.

Fallout 4 NV Desert Ranger Armor

In the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts, the Desert Ranger combat gear and matching Desert Ranger combat helmet are available.

The armor set offers excellent protection, with a Damage Threshold of 22, which is one of the highest for a medium armor set in the game.

NV Desert Ranger Armor Mod Brings the NCR Veteran Ranger Armor from New Vegas into the original game. The armor has new textures and meshes. The mod has stats suitable to mid to late characters. The armor can be found in the Chest of Nicks Office or Fallout Department Store. The NV Desert Ranger Mod can be downloaded from Nexus Download Manager. The Armor can not be repaired by the vendors. The player has to use the Jury rigging perk to repair the armor itself. Jury rigging perks help in repairing weapons and armors depending on the type.