Fallout 4 NCR Veteran Ranger Armor Guide For How to Get & top Location

Fallout 4 NCR Veteran Ranger Combat Armor is also called Black Combat Armor. The Armor is worn with matching military Helmet with low light optics and gas mask. The Armor creation is based on Desert Ranger Combat Armor For NCR veteran Rangers.

The advanced version of Armor are heavily armored and possess Intact Optic Systems. Riot gear, Elite Riot gear, Advance riot gear are versions of the Combat Armor.

Fallout 76 Ranger Armor

Ranger Armor is an outfit in fallout. The set of ranger armor belongs to the police department of charleston. The Ranger Outfits look the same as Desert ranger Combat Armor and NCR Ranger Combat Armor. The Ranger Armor can be craft using Steel and cloth at Armor Workbench. For crafting you have to redeem them at Atomic Shop.

The Ranger Armor Mod of Nexus adds seven armor textures of3 different dimensions. The new armor textures are realistic and stitching materials. 

Fallout 4 NCR Ranger Patrol Armor

The NCR Ranger Patrol Armor is combat Armor with less mobility. So The Patrol Armor gives you high protection. The Armor has high HP so it means armor will degrade slowly.


Knife holster used by any player. The NCR Patrol Armor is located in Ranger Station of Nova.

Fallout 4 Desert Ranger Armor

Fallout 4 NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

The Desert Ranger Armor is one type of Combat Armor established in Fallout 4. Uses of this Armor was in the Yangtze Campaign of Fallout 4. Sgt. R.B Vickers before the War that possessed Desert Armor. The Desert Ranger Armor gives high protection to rangers.

Fallout 4 NCR Veteran Ranger Armor Location

NCR ranger Armor is located in Ridge area Stone Bone Caves. The right path of Stone Bone Caves heads to Ankle level water. The water has a purification system with a short trap. The left of Caves goes to the room of Reloading and Workbench. Zion area has the helmet and Desert Ranger Armor.