Fallout 4 Revolver Mod

Fallout 4 Revolver Mod 2020 Download & Get Hunting & Ranger Sequoia

The Fallout 4 Revolver Mod is a unique variant that comes up with Ranger Sequoia returned from Fallout: New Vegas to a wasteland. It has lots of modifications. This mod is a Standalone weapon mod that adds expanded versions of Ranger Sequoia with loot integration, custom sounds, and animations.

Fallout 4 Shotgun Mod

The Hunting Shotgun mod in Fallout 4 was designed for greater power and range. Hunting Shotgun has the same action as other shotguns. shotguns have less common but more powerful 12 Gauge Shells. Hunting Shotguns are built to mid-to-end game shotguns.

Fallout 4 Smith and Wesson 500-50 Cal

This Mod can be Download from Fallout 4 Revolver Mod. This Mod adds various configurations of Smith And Wesson 500 Revolver along with custom sounds and animations. Guns and Ammos are available in the inventory of raiders.


You can use it while fighting with gunners, super mutants, and bosses. Because of the OP nature of the S&W 500, the guns and ammo are a little expensive. You can convert them into big calibers.

Fallout 4 Halo Weapons

Fallout 4 Revolver Mod

The Halo Weapon mod consists of four helmets a three ODST armor Sets which you can customize vision colors, glow colors, skin, and HUD. The Armor comes with various optional attachments and multiple variants. To install this mod you also have to install Scrivener’s HUD overlay Framework and Script Extender of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Laser Rifle

In Fallout 4 AER9 laser gun comes with variants like laser rifle and laser gun. These are high tech weapons that emit concentrated beams of light that do considerable damage. They can be taken along with fusion cells, power system and battery packs with micro-fusion cells.

Fallout 4 Sniper Rifle

Hunting Sniper Rifle is a left-handed bolt action weapon carried by raiders and super mutants. The effect of the Sniper Rifle is limited to .308 ammunition. It is a viable weapon available in mid-stages of Fallout 4 which can be modified to fire .50 caliber ammunition in later stages of the game.

Hunting Rifle boasts into a pistol grip wrapped with a layer of duct tape from a wooden stock and short barrel.

Fallout 4-50 Caliber Mod

This mod can be download from Fallout 4 Revolver Mod. Caliber Mod adds a large number of new types of Ammo and from humble 9mm Luger to .500 Nitro which is primary ammunition. It gives full access to a set of mods and various sections of mods to vanilla firearms. You can also see a full section of weapon mods in Games.

Fallout 4 Standalone Weapons Mod

The Number of Standalone weapons in Fallout 4 are M2216 Assault Rifle, Weapon Smith Extended, MK14 EBR, Desert Eagle, etc. These mods are available in Fallout Mods which allows you to full modding support.