Fallout 4 Sanctuary Wall Mod

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Mod Download & Clean, Simple With Hills Overhaul

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Mod is a comprehensive mod which has altered the terrain with new roads rather then the bridge. All the houses are approachable having furniture, kitchen and closet door.

All houses are repaired with new windows having beautiful textures.

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Hills

The Sanctuary Hills is placed on a small island that can be reached by a wooden bridge. The Hills were the house of Sole Survivor who got hit by atomic bomb.

After the blast, the house got decay, collapsed and in state of despair. Sanctuary Hills became the first new commonwealth Minutemen settlement after the incident.


Sanctuary Wall Mod

This mod can be downloaded from the link which builds walls to the new as well as the existing Sanctuary hills. Blueprint has convenient walls with no other part of buildings. So when you build a new sanctuary you can import the walls into the existing maps.

Fallout Sanctuary House Mod

This mod ratifies the Sanctuary’s house by using the workshop tools. It also restores the outer walls & roofs with cleaned interior as well as the bridge. It can also repair existing walls without collisions, troubles and can modify structures to new ones.

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Bridge Mod

This mod relaxes you by giving you a bed under the bridge if you need to nap after eating dog meat. If you clear off the bridge, invisible parts will not be seen on the bridge. You can also move up with a cool outfit while dead drifter is still on road.

Fallout Empty Sanctuary

If you are fed up of cleaning up sanctuary in Fallout 4 then this mod is a great modification of the game. It simply removes soil wastes, trash, dried grass from sanctuary hills. It also lowers the terrain and fixes the sidewalks.

Sanctuary Settlements

The sole survivor can handle & make his settlement in Fallout 4 around the commonwealth. The workbench in fallout 4 allows the player to build his own house as he wants and can be customized later, once built. Inside the structures of lights, furniture, decorations can be placed for aesthetic purposes while outside the structure plants, crops can be added to settlements. Now you have constantly managed your Settlements throughout the game  with NPCs. You need to use workshop tool to repair the damaged items.