fallout 4 shotgun mod

Fallout 4 Shotgun Mod Download & All Good Shotgun in One Place

In fallout 4 we can also do hunting in the game. So many guns are available to use in hunting but shotgun has its separate fan base. Yeah, you can download fallout 4 shotgun mod and use a shotgun with many features in-game. Here we have different shotgun features in detail.

Fallout 4 Hunting Shotgun Mod

The Hunting Shotgun mod was designed for greater power and range as compared to similar shotguns. Hunting shotguns have less common but more powerful 12 Gauge Shells. Hunting Shotguns are built to mid-to-end game shotguns.

Fallout 4 Pump Action Shotgun

Pump Action Shotguns have a slight delay between shots due to its pump action. Expect longer reload times because it loads through the bottom. Pump Action Shotguns have Tabular magazine it is reloaded by hand one shell at a time. It can also be fired in mid-way of reloading if needed which gives the advantage of being quickly available if only a few rounds are needed.

Fallout 4 Dinner Bell Shotgun

Dinner Bell shotgun is a unique variant of Hunting Shotgun because it differs in appearance with metal barrel and receiver. Shell Ejection is well maintained & the Grip pump is synthetic with a camouflage pattern. It has a great Damage but it cannot be modified. Dinner bell Shotgun can fire 745 Standard 12 gauge shells before breaking.

Fallout 4 Lever Action Shotgun

fallout 4 shotgun mod

The Lever Action Shotgun has a 5- round magazine chambered for 45-70 rounds which are fed by loading gate on the left side of the receiver. The barrel can be modified with long or short barrels by changing the length of the ammo tube. These rifles have no other mod to increase reloading speed.

Fallout 4 Winchester Shotgun Models

Plasma rifles & Plasma Casters are energy-based weapons introduced in Fallout 4. Some of Winchester Models are as follows:

1. Winchester P94 

It is Industrial grade energy caster very bulky, firing heated bolts of plasma in superconducting barrels which ends in electromagnetic claws which help to stabilize Bolts.

2. Winchester P94 Military

In this version, the company has modified its design and has downsized the weapon which makes it a more portable energy rifle with pistol grip and complete stock with a handle that can also mount optics.

3. Winchester Double Barrel Shotgun

It is 12 gauge with Short barrel and mahogany gripped shotgun. It is the most useful weapon in Fallout 4 because it deals with good damage at short range.

Fallout 4 Ithaca Model 37

Ithaca Model 37 is used against beast lords, raiders & pets. But it is less used against mutants & death claws. If you don’t have heavy weapons then flechette rounds can make it better against death claws. Ithaca is good when loaded with 12 gauge EMP shells against Robots.