Fallout 4 Skip Intro mod

Fallout 4 Skip Intro Mod Download & Skip New Game Intro In Single Click

Fallout 4 Skip Intro mod can be download from the link. First, disable all the mods except Skip Intro Mod while starting a New Game. This will skip In-Pod scenes and Pre-War scenes. After this enables all mods and disable Skip Intro Mod.

Fallout 4 Ini Location

Main configuration files in fallout 4 are also known as ini files located next to save the file. So if you make some major settings or modding the game, you have to find the location of saving files.

You also need to back up your saves by copying & moving them to another folder. Inside My Documents, you find the folder of Fallout 4 consisting of fallout4a.ini &  files, fallout4Prefs.ini which you can edit or mod.


Fallout 4 Data Folder

This mod captures the look of Vanilla Fallout 4 folders to assist people who want to restore Fallout 4 data without downloading again the big files of the game. The folder includes F4SE, Creation KitFiles, and HD textures.

Fallout 4 Skip Intro mod

Fallout 4 Beginning

Fallout 4 Commonwealth is Unpleasant and hostile as some survivors want you dead while some will appreciate your talents. Settlements feature of Fallout 4 is New to all. Following are some tips:

  1. Fallout’s assistant is very helpful so embrace the Pip-Boy.
  2. VATS Killing Machine- It gives the advantage in battle, hits you percentages readouts of the leg, head, and arms.
  3. Pick up Everything as Fallout 4 is much about gathering a resource.
  4. Craft Weapons- This gives new life to scrapped items and the good weapons in Fallout 4 are ones that you have craft on a workbench.
  5. Fast-Travel: It is advisable to travel fast to save time when moving power armor.

Fallout 4 Alternate Start

This mod can be download from the link. This mod gives the Menu at the beginning of the game after the bathroom scene as Normal Start, Quick Start, and Alternate Start. In Alternate Start, you can start as Wastelander outside of vault or can be a Pre-Vault dweller. You can select 48 different start locations and 38 different locations.

Fallout 4 ini Files

Ini files in Fallout 4 are also known as Configuration files. It contains basic and default settings of a game which needs Gamebryo to make it run properly on PC. It contains background processes, graphical and audio settings, implementation of Havok Physics, etc. These files are created when you launch the game first time, which is then saved in My Game Directory and this cannot be changed.

Fallout 4 Skip Intro Mod PC

The best Fallout 4 mod is Start Me up which is intuitive and simple. It’s a Unique mod with which you will not be waking up as a parent of Shaun. But as a character with a background story. Start me up allows users to chose stats up to 20 traits. Players can modify the levels of it.