Fallout 4 True Eyes Mod

Color Full Eyes Of Beauty In Fallout 4 True Eyes Mod For Different Getup

True Eyes Mod in Fallout 4 is introduced by Jim Town Irish. This mod gives you the Hand Crafted Textures of eyes inspired by real pics. Mod makes the eyes and eyelashes more beautiful with intense details. You need to use the Mod Manager to use this mod. Simply to download fallout 4 true eyes mod in the below link.

Fallout 4 Eyes Of Beauty

Eyes of Beauty Mod changes the textures of eyes with high resolution in FO4. The textures of eyes are in 512*512 in resolution.

It means the resolution is double than Fallout 4 Vanilla’s resolution. It also adds new textures in FO4 to keep in touch.

Fallout 4 Enhanced Wasteland Presets

Enhanced Wasteland Presets Mod is SweetFx / Reshade Framework. This mod aims to add a little more vibrance in the Fallout 4 wasteland environment.


It makes it appear low washed out. You just need to extract the Zip file in the FO4 folder.

Fallout 4 PonyTail Variations

This Mod adds ten variations of hairstyles of Young At Heart in the varying length of Ponytail. It also adds ten variations of Sophisticate Hairstyles in the varying length of a ponytail. This comes five with bun and five without it. The mod adds three variations of Fair Tails in twin-tail lengths.

Fallout 4 Hair Dye Color

Fallout 4 True Eyes Mod

This mod adds ten different color variations of hair dye. It does not affect the unwanted hair and eyebrows. The mod works on all straight hair styles. It also has three variations of saturation within each color file. The mod manager is also recommended to use with this mod. you also change Hair Dye Color in Fallout 4 True Eyes Mod

Fallout 4 Eye Retexture

This mod replaces all eyes textures of human eyes. The textures of eyes are in high resolution. It means they are in 1024*1024 than the original 256*256. The style of eyes is nearly close to fallout 4 vanilla. It gives eyes a nice look for close shots. You can also change the textures of Ghoul if needed.