Fallout 4 Zombie Mod

Download Fallout 4 Zombie Mod Survival For Hard Zombie Walkers Attack

As we all know that fallout 4 is a role play-action game. Fallout has so much adventure to do in itself. But if you want to dive into some other advantages, you can download fallout 4 zombie mod. Yeah, here we have listed some cool mods that will help you to choose best among all zombie mods.

Fallout 4 Zombie Walkers

The Zombie Walker is the best zombie Mod which comes with a holotape that you can craft at a chemistry bench which allows you to control everything where they spawn and how many. It also allows you to choose how tough you want zombies and how you want to kill them.

Fallout 4 Resurrection Mod

In early Apocalypse vegetation was not lush enough, So Resurrection Mod helps to re-grow the world as it was before, before the start of nuclear war.


With this, the Fallout 4 was also known as “The Common Wealth”. It looks like realism to the city area.

Fallout 4 Walking Slow

If you are left-handed with a re-mapped keyboard and if you want to toggle the x button to auto-move, then Walking Speed is useful. There are three Walking Speeds. Walking speed is very slow but it helps a little bit & if you want good normal Walking Speed then Turn On Capslock to Auto-Run & then you will get your Sprint button.

Fallout 4 Horizon

Fallout 4 Zombie Mod

Horizon was designed for the setting of Survival Difficulty where you need to drink, sleep & eat. It also removes all bonuses from the equipment in the game. Horizon mod is a large Overhaul since it touches every aspect of games like settlements, enemies, equipment, etc. Also, you are going to have melee fighting because Horizon mod limits the amount of ammunition.

Fallout 4 How To Respawn Enemies

It takes only three days to respawn new enemies at a place where you killed them. As per the game file, it takes 20 days for Cleared Areas and 7 days for Outdoor Areas to Reset. Hence areas under the cleared zone respawn slower than outside

Fallout 4 Zombie Survival Mod

Fallout 4 has a dedicated Survival mod but if you need to increase sleeping, healing and traveling time then you need to use mods that change the experience. Some of the mods are:

  1. Insult to Injury- This mod makes Fallout 4 more Hardcore by changing systems such as damage recovery, infections, bandages, etc
  2. REST(Realistic Enjoyable Survival Tweaks)- It balances the difficulty of Survival mod by changing weapons, perks, etc
  3. Campsite-It adds craftable lanterns, bags, tents and cooking pot with unique interactivity.
  4. Search And Destroy- With this mod, it will be hard to survive in the wastelands because it will extend enemies hunting time & range through which they will detect & follow you