Fallout 76 Berkeley Springs Quick Guide & How To Find New Map In FO76

Berkeley Springs is the town in the Mire Area of Fallout 76 Appalachia. Berkeley Spring Town is cut in half by waterway. There are a series of Houses followed by St. Market. The Berkeley Springs City hall is beyond canals with Two terminals. One is Locked Safe and the other is Steamer trunk.1 The North of Berkeley Spring has Gas Station and Clothing Store.

Berkeley Springs Station Fallout 76

Berkeley Springs Station is located in Fallout 76 Appalachia. FO76 Berkeley Springs Station is a long network of train Stations of Appalachia.

The station was collapsed and occupied by the mole miners. The Berkeley Springs Station contains Workbench, Vending Machines, and Purveyor.


Fallout 76 Berkeley Springs Vendor

The Purveyor is the Vendor of Berkeley Springs Town. The Vendor of town deals with Legendary items. The Vendor is located at the train station of Berkeley Springs. Legendary Items can be converted into legendary Scrips using Machines at Stations. The Vendor has a large variety of Disposal Items. Legendary Scrip Prices change according to the type of Item.

FO76 Berkeley Springs Legendary Vendor Location

Fallout 76 Berkeley Springs

Legendary Vendors are found in the train stations of Berkeley Springs. Train stations consist of items like exchange machines, weapons, and Armors. The train stations are also used as Workbench for modifications of ammo and weapon. The vendors are very easy to find at train stations using a map. Vendors accept only the Legendary Scrips as payment.

Fallout 76 Berkeley Spring Handmade Rifle

Berkeley Spring has the Hand Made Rifle on the top of it. The Hand made Rifle is built by Survivors of Appalachia. The Handmade Rifle of Berkeley Spring uses a 5.56 ammo chamber. The Handmade Rifle is the same as Assault Rifle. FO76 Handmade Rifle can also be obtained from Grahm and Vendors. It is dropped randomly by Yao Guai and Scorched.