Fallout 76 Copper Quick Guide Cover Scrap, Find & Best Location 2020

Copper is the Common Crafting Component of Fallout 76 Appalachia. Copper is highly used to construct electrical components and devices. FO76 Copper can be converted from junk items like Vacuum Tube, Light Bulb, Fuse, recorder, etc. 

Fallout Copper can be produced from miscellaneous items at Tinker’s Workbench.

Fallout 76 Bulk Copper

Bulk Copper is the Junk Item of Appalachia. Bulk Copper combines 10 units of Copper Scrap in 1 item. The total weight of Copper will not get affected. It could buy from Vendors Shops. Perk Pack Rat with level three helps to create copper.

FO76 Copper Ore


Copper ore is a miscellaneous item mined from Copper Veins and Deposits. They contain two or three copper ores. Copper Ore can produce the Copper scrap by Smelting down. Copper scrap is produced at Chemistry Station.

Which Is The Best Location Find Copper Ore in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Copper

Copper Ore can be obtained from Copper Deposits at a various workbench. Spruce Knob, Wade Airport, Charleston Landfill yields one unit of copper. North of Solomon Pond and Kittery Mine also produces Copper ore.

How To Scrap In Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Copper Scrap is the Pinkish Orange piece of Metal. Copper Scrap cannot be sold to Vendors directly. FO76 Copper Scrap can be obtained from the smelting of Copper Ore. Copper Scrap is crafted at Chemistry Station. Acid is also needed with Copper ore.

Fallout 76 High Powered Magnet

High Powered Magnet is the junk Item of Fallout 76. It is Disk Shaped electromagnet with terminals at the top. High Powered Magnets are important for electromagnetic Actuators. You can found Magnets at Boston Airport and Milton Hospital.

Fallout 76 Sensor Module

Sensor Module is the Holotape of Fallout 76. you can craft materials from junk items using a sensor module. Scrapping can be done only at workstation so players have to there. Players can also lose their junk items if die before scrapping.