Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod

Dbp’s & Vanilla Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod Download & 2020 Control

Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod replaces the Run Key by Sprint Key. The high endurance will take your less AP to Sprint. Similarly, more agility will let you move faster. Your Speed is affected by the weight you carry. You can enhance your speed using screen effects. To access settings and distance potential, use a Pedometer located in the apparel section of inventory.

Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod Not Working

If your Sprint Mod is not working then you can do it with a Controller. For which you have to bind Vault Tek Pedometer to a hotkey.

To start sprint just press the hotkey and move ahead. To stop Sprint press the key again. bind Hotkey, press the number key and click on an item you want to bind with.


You can delay your Sprint in the options of a pedometer. This allows you to run without sprint.

Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod Animations

The Solid project for Fallout New Vegas can be download from the link. This helps to improve your experience of Fallout New Vegas. Animation Project and Lazarus Project are perfect blends of this mod. The mod allows you to sprint with animations. While Sprinting you can combat your enemies by pressing Attack Button. “L” is by default an animated hotkey for sprinting.

Fallout New Vegas How to Run

Using Console Commands you can run faster. This will be done by increasing your agility and endurance. Simple steps to increase your run speed:

  1. Open Console.
  2. Type “player.set speed<number>. You can use any number from 100-200. 
  3. By saving your game you can switch your weapons.

Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod Controller

Fallout New Vegas Sprint Mod

This mod can be download from link. This changes the controller to have a simple interface as in Xbox 360. This allows you to use the features of Project Nevada by adding new button combos. You can use Bullet time, Hotkey Grenades and Enhanced vision modes. You can sprint by pressing left Shift and moving forward.

How To Install Sprint Mod For Fallout New Vegas

SprintAPMultGLOB and SprintSpeedMultGLOB are global variables that can be altered using a console. A simple guide on how to install this mod in-game is as follows:

  1. Install NVSE and extract files to a temporary folder.
  2. Make corrections by examining Structure.
  3. Click Data Files in Fallout launcher and turn on Sprint Mod.esp.
  4. Sprint by pressing the Shift key. If you are using controller then bind shift key using Xpadder.