10 Amazing Games Like Skyrim You Must Play

Welcome gamers, This article will definitely help you to choose best and free games like Skyrim.

As we know The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is very well populated in the world nowadays and you have played this game or you are playing it currently then I can say you know how mysterious and the real-life story it has.

Well, Skyrim sets perfect on its game graphically, concept-wise, and it’s category. But there are so many other open world games like Skyrim that also serve their users the best gaming experience but with a different story, task, graphics and features.

So, we are here to answer your query.

Here, we will provide you information about 10 amazingly matched games like Skyrim.

1. Ryse: Son of Rome


We know that Rome culture has a huge history about their way of living and their spiritual and energetic warriors. this game is full of thrill and action. Fully Roman historical touch given with simple graphics and easy gameplay features.

This is game like Skyrim with full of action and great feel of open-world action gaming player. It provides real-life experience and effects that make you feel like a Roman warrior. All of the game stories goes in an understandable manner so that it is not going to feel that trouble to play this game.

So here you are from Roman century and avenger of that century who protects his family.

2. Dark Souls 2


As its name implies dark soul is also game like Skyrim where it gives the feel of the very cruel environment and builds guts for protecting yourself in the game.

In this game, you have to kill other and say safe because other are also supposed to do the same. Also, it is an open world game like Skyrim where everyone is ready to beat you anywhere.

As this game provides the real-life experience where you can die in various ways and also you will be provided with many weapons, arms and skills to knockout others in the game. this game can also be connected with your friends and can be played together.

3. Divinity 2


This game fits into action-adventure and RPG category  and released on September 14, 2017, Divinity 2 supports in platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

This is an ordinary role play game which is totally action focused with good graphics and gameplay. You will enjoy this game not as much as Skyrim like game but we can say it is a good game overall.

You have to complete the task, quests, solve the puzzles and beat your enemies. by doing this you can upgrade your experience and abilities. you are earning respect also by completing the quests as you progress in the game.

4. Dragon’s Dogma


This is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. This is single player mode game and supported in PC, ps3 platforms.

The gaming world is full of fantasy where you can live the character of your dreams. Most of the games focus on this point. Dragon’s Dogma is Skyrim type game full of adventure.

First, you need to choose your character’s role like as a Fighter, Sorcerer, warrior and other more. You have to kill system robots and people you are informed to kill.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


This game fits into action or RPG category and released in 2015. The Witcher supports in platforms like PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

This game has totally good reviews graphics and quests wise. It has a bigger map than Skyrim. Only one downgrade is there, you can not customise your character in this game.

In this game you are planning role of witcher whose name is Gerald. Gerald has to pass through many quests and find his daughter.

6. Fallout 4


This game fits into action or RPG category and released on November 10 2015. The Fallout 4 supports in platforms like PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Right now Fallout 4 is the latest game of Fallout series and also a very successful game. If you like to live a real-life problem-solving life and wish to fantasize you as a survivor. this is awesome virtual platform.

generally games like Skyrim for ps4 are hard to find but this one suits perfectly on it.

In this game, you are ‘Sole Survivor’ and you have to find your kidnapped son by facing so many challenges in the region called “The Commonwealth” in the future world.

7. Risen 3: Titan Lords


This game fits into action or RPG category and released on August 2014. The Risen 3: Titan Lords supports in platforms like PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Series Risen is very popular among gamers and Risen 3 is currently latest game from series Risen. Risen 3 is single player mode game. If you like to play fantasy world quests and adventures then it is the perfect game for you. Graphics wise game is pretty ok.

Mainly, in this game pirate from the previous game is back as a ghost and you have to beat him. you have to defeat many ghosts and dragons according to the quests given to you where you are nameless character abandoned by all gods and suffering from titan wars.

8. Age of Conan


This game fits into action or RPG category and released on May 20 2008. The Risen 3: Titan Lords supports in platforms like Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

Interesting thing is, this game has been designed and developed by taking some of the novels into consideration. Age of Conan is awesome MMORPG game that is, massively multiplayer online role-playing game and best Skyrim alternative we can say.

In this game, players can select their character and play adventurous quests. Time by time you can improve your power and continue the story with more difficulty.

9. Gothic 3


This game fits into RPG category and released on October 13 2006. Gothic 3 supports in only one Microsoft Windows platform.

When it’s all about to be the leader, strong from inside, hard from outside and live the life surviving yourself on your own, Gothic 3 is the best option to get feel like Skyrim for pc and also available offline to play. this is kind of open world role-playing game.

This game is all about surviving and improving your character. You are the one who fights the wild animals and monsters to earn extra experience and level up a character. Earn respect in your chosen faction and become the fearless warrior. Help your towns and loot resources from other factions. Help your faction rise to the top and perform all the quests to achieve greatness in Gothic 3.

10. Dragon Age: Inquisition


This game fits into action or RPG category and released on November 14 2014. The Witcher supports in platforms like PS4, Microsoft Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

While the Dragon Age series isn’t as long-lived as The Elder Scrolls it does have plenty of swords-and-sorcery action to offer across its back catalogue. The latest of which is Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry to BioWare’s successful series, which takes place in Thedas – a mystical land host to a variety of kingdoms and dynamic climates.

An action and thriller word comes out of mind when we talk about this game. The game is full of adventures and mystery with nice graphics and gameplay story.

nquisition also features a roster of charming and witty characters, and BioWare gives most of them a more engrossing narrative and memorable personality than anything Skyrim manages and this speciality makes this game like Skyrim to play for Xbox One and Xbox 360. there’s a plethora of weapons and armour, alongside a fulfilling reward system that provides essential crafting materials for your journey.


Now you are introduced with many games you can play apart from Skyrim. All above the mentioned games fits perfect on their game concept. Let say, if you love action and historical adventure you should choose Ryse: Son Of Rome OR you can play Gothic 3 if you like to feel as realistic person who supposed to stand up on his own. So, analyse the article and find out which game suits on your test.