Get Unique Weapons Fallout 4 Deliverer Complete Guide for Classic Pistol

The deliverer is the Semi-Automatic gun of Fallout 4. Deliverer has a Double action trigger with an exposed hammer. The Gun has a fixed barrel with rod for spring recoil. The Deliverer Gun is restored from the railroad by Agent Tommy.

The Deliverer has a VAT effect chambered for 10mm rounds. The Extended mag increases the effectiveness of the Gun.

Fallout 4 Silenced Pistol

The Silenced pistol has the Suppressor attached to it. A suppressor is the muzzle weapon in Fallout. The Suppressor decreases the noise of the firing of the Pistol. This decreases the chances of detection. Silenced Guns with 10mm ammo has low AP Cost. Silenced Gun has a low projectile range.


Fallout 4 Deliverer Console Commands

To Spawn the Deliverer Gun in Fallout 4 you need to use a console command. First, open the Console and paste the command. The Command to Spawn the Deliverer gun is player.additem.000dc8e7. Press enter after writing command. The gun will be added to your inventory.

9mm Pistol Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Deliverer

9mm Pistols are side handed pistol using ammo of 9mm. The M&A is the 9mm Pistol of Fallout 4. The 9mm pistol is a Semi-automatic Gun. The 9mm pistols have an accuracy of 50 meters. The pistol has the 15 cartridges of 9mm ammo. The Pistol has 10 receivers, 3 grips, 4 muzzles, and 5 sights. The 9mm pistols can be found at Mojave Wastelands.

Classic 10mm Pistol Fallout 4

The 10mm pistol is the first Gun found in Vault 111. The 10mm Pistol has good damage. The versatility of Pistol can be enhanced using low modifications. The ammo for the Pistol can be found in a large amount in Vault 111 only. The 10mm Pistol with a long barrel has the same appearance as N99 Pistol. The 10mm Pistol can be found in Hub 360, Sanctuary Hills, Vault 11, and Monsignor Plaza.

Fallout 4 Makarov

Makarov is the Highly Moded Pistol of Fallout 4. The Makarov Pistol is used by raiders, gunners, and Merchants. Makarov is used as fast Firing SMG. Using modification tools the Humble Makarov can be a Silent Pistol. The Makrov Pistols can be crafted at Chemistry Stations.