GTA 5 Zombie Mod Apocalypse Download & Biggest Outbreak Guide 2020

Zombie Mod in GTA 5 is a single-player DLC Mod. Zombie Virus gets spread in GTA City. The players have to stop the level of infections.

The Zombie Mod can also be played Online. The players have to fight for survival. Searching for a cure in time is the last hope. The Infection Mode is also a feature of Zombie Mod. also, you can download the mod file from the below link.

GTA 5 Install Zombie Mod

The Installation of Zombie Mod in GTA 5 is as follows:

  1. You need to install the .NET framework or Microsoft and Microsoft Visual C++ studio package.
  2.  First Download and install ScriptHook V.
  3.  Second Download and install ScriptHook VDOtNEt.
  4.  Third Download and install Native UI.
  5. Now add all the .pdb and .dll files from the zip folder in the script folder.
  6. C://GTA5 Directory/Scripts/
  7. Now Hit F10 to add Zombies in Game. You can configure the zombies also.

GTA 5 Simple Zombie Mod

GTA 5 Zombie Mod

In Simple Zombie Mod, the Zombies are attracted easily to human noise. This Zombie Mod is the Survival Mod so you have to manage food and sleep. Hunt for the food & collect large resources to stay alive in a new world. You can build camps and add new survivors. Craft walls and weapons and barricades to prevent Zombies. You can also modify weapons with your group. Weapons are the only key to fight with Zombies.

GTA 5 Zombie Apocalypse

In GTA 5 Apocalypse Mod numerous hostile territories give you loot boxes. Loot boxes give you Lots of Supplies. The more interesting in Apocalypse mod is the flesh of people. So stay careful from Zombies. The members of the group may turn against each other in-game. The Apocalypse mod gives you a lot of challenges on the edge of your seats. You can also craft guns & med kits using various tools to kill Zombies.