How to Cure Radiation in Fallout 4 | Best Way to Prevent Radiation Guide

Fallout 4 is nearly synonymous with radiation. Those nasty little rads can creep up on you in the most unexpected places, forcing you to flee. The rads will add up if you’re too slow or come across too many mounds of nuclear waste. 

Radiation is obnoxious, and in a game as punishing as Fallout 4, you want to avoid it at all costs. To begin with, anytime you go swimming, come into contact with feral ghouls, or are exposed to harmful technological equipment, your character will be exposed to radiation. A few points of radiation won’t hurt, but if they start to add up, you’ll start to feel the pain of losing more than 25% of your health bar.

In Fallout 4, radiation operates differently and is more hazardous to your character. This guide explains how it works, how to combat it, and what you should do to keep your character healthy. We’ll investigate how effective Rad-X is, how to properly navigate the Glowing Sea, and how radiation resistance works.

Radiation in Fallout 4 originates from hazardous barrels, gas, opponent attacks, and the odd radiation storms – it surges and does extra damage to your character when there is a lightning strike. It is recommended that you wear a gas mask during these situations.

Fallout 4 doesn’t have a separate radiation level like previous games, instead having it eat away at your limited HP, which can be incredibly frustrating and difficult when fighting raiders and radscorpions left and right. Fortunately, there are a few things you can take to limit your radiation exposure and get rid of the red bar completely.

how to cure radiation in fallout 4

Getting Rid of Radiation Effects

Certain foods, such as Mutant Hound Chops, emit negative radiation when consumed – but only when cooked! The majority of cooked foods and purified water are safe, but there are a few exceptions. RadAway is the most common method of eliminating radiation, and it will remove 300. 

More with the Medic Perk, which reduces Radiation by -400, -600, -800, and then 100 percent per use. Rads can also be removed by visiting a doctor. You can locate one in Diamond City, as well as a travelling Doctor who will appear at various Settlements across the Commonwealth. The health consequences of radiation imply that once the Rads have been removed, you must repair the missing health.

How to Cure Radiation Fallout 4?

Using RadAway

For a short period of time, this dramatically minimizes the amount of radiation harm you receive. Make sure you use one every time you enter an area with a lot of radiation.

The simplest, but probably efficient, method is to use RadAway. You can find this elixir everywhere across the wasteland, or you can make it at a chemistry station. However, the components are difficult to come by: you’ll need two antiseptics, three glowing fungus, one plastic, and one purified water. One dose of RadAway will cure 300 points of radiation, so it should help a lot, but it won’t completely eliminate the problem.

This potion can be found all over the place in the barren. Or you can craft it at an alchemy station. The element is pretty tough to insight though. You’ll want 3 Antiseptic, 2 Glowing Fungus, 2 Plastic & 1 Purified Water. One VD of RadAway will cure 200 points of radiation. Also, it should clear up quite a bit but might not do the full job.

Of course, you can take other VD, but be careful. RadAway is nonaddictive & can drive other side effects. Such as headaches & even whisker loss. If you discover yourself perpetually being dosed with radiation. Also, you might want to take some other actions of curing it or even hole it.

To cure without the side effects or peril of craving, just head to any local medico. These can normally be found within any city, such as Jewel City or Great neighbor. For 30 caps this medico will entirely cure your radiation killing. But what if you need to halt the radiation before it starts?

For that, you’ll exercise RadX. This handy drug will raise your radiation resistance part by quite a flock. Pop a match before head into a radiation zone. And you should act it from ever pollute you. Of course, the same craving concerns hold here. So you might lack to try another acting as well.

Using Power Armor

Power Armor is a high-grade radiation suit that you can use. If your line someplace that you know contains a crowd of radiation. Say the Glowing Water for a model, then you’ll lack. To don your Power Armor suit before way there.

So that’s just about it, with this usher you should be able to let radiation from getting to you. But if it does it also displays how to curative it. Now mind out into the wasteland & bully luck.

Although the power armour protects you from radiation, keep an eye on its energy level and make sure you have enough fusion cores to keep it functioning.

Visiting a Doctor

If you run out of RadAways, you can always go to the doctor for treatment. Every significant settlement, including Diamond City, usually has one.

Getting the Aquaboy Perk

It’s located beneath the Endurance tree. Take advantage of it while you still have the opportunity. This enables you to swim in filthy, radioactive water without being harmed. It’s also good to be able to breathe underwater.

Radway Fallout 4

RadAway is an expendable item in Fallout 4. RadAway is a blood vessel chemical result. That can be recognized by its citrus color. It serves to clear radiation from the user’s torso. It takes little time to work and is also a stiff diuretic. also, It does not impact the user’s Radiation Action like Rad-X. Instead used after gripping radiation to clearing some of it from the body.

  • RadAway can be saved in basic aid boxes or wooden crates. Or as a random loot on savage ghouls or Children of Stuff.
  • 1 underneath Nat’s chest in Publick Event.
  • 6 can be saved in the Boston mayoral security.
  • 4 of Mass Fusion containment shed in the rear of a blue Evil Shipping truck.
  • 3 in the cellar of the Memory Den.
  • 1 next to an asleep woman in Concord’s jail.
  • 3 in the barred cage north of the shitty landfill.
  • 1 in the Domestic Guard training pace part in the smokey room.
  • 3 on plank the Yangtze.
  • 2 in Concord civil access – One in a Tyro level locked chest. And one in a blue encases on the catwalk.
  • 1 in a chem icebox on the 2nd floor of the Museum of State.
  • 2 in Longneck Lukowski’s Factory, on the right side shelf of the room in anterior of the elevator.
  • 2 at the water action caps stash placed due east of Place Hills.
  • 1 on the land floor of Concord Bar.

In Survival mode, RadAway adds counter effects such as Ennui, Thirst. An accrued probability for an Incident is difficult. The player character to only use it when truly needful, or when they are in a low-risk state. Option to richness radiation sickness while preserving. RadAway view drinking a refreshing drink, eating Mutant dog chops. Using the Incomprehensible serum, or seeing a medico.

Power Suits are an excellent technique to deal with radiation. The suit doesn’t provide 100 percent radiation protection, but it’s enough to keep you from needing to use RadAway on a daily basis. Unlike the Hazmat Suit, you don’t have to worry about being defenceless when monsters attack. 

In addition, the Power Suit raises the overall level of defence. The first Power Suit can be obtained right at the start of the game, specifically while assisting Minutemen in the Museum of Freedom in Concord. If you don’t have any more suits, go to the Robotics Disposal Ground in the northern half of the map, where a suit is standing on the way south on it.