How to Find Nick Valentine or Other Lost Companions Fallout 4 Guide

There are an entire lot of companions in Fallout 4. Passim your adventures in the Waste. You’ll meet synths, super mutants, world, and other creatures. Many of which will inquire to tag on your quests. Withal, you can only have one with you at a clip. Leaving you to direct the others away location. The most actor has done this a clump, and have companions confused. It is around the Wasteland, concealing in various benches.

How to Find Nick Valentine or Other Lost Companions Fallout 4 Guide

With the ware of Fallout 4 Far Harbor, galore players will likely be asking this query. Since you should truly have him with you on the hunt. How do you find Nick Valentine or else lost friends around the world? Well, there are both tips, but little you’re on PC it won’t be soft.

How to Find Nick Valentine or Other Lost Companions fallout 4?

Let’s get the informal part out of the mode. If you are action Fallout 4 on PC, then you have the grand ability. To find things & everything using the console bid. By hitting ~ you will convey up the text on time. With which you can easily find any lost companion, exclude Nick Valentine. Just come in “player. move to 0002f25”. Also, this will move you directly to Nick Valentine. The past bit his is ID figure, each companion has one.

Here are any other companion’s ID lottery, in case you lack to find them as cured: “Dogmeat 0002D162. Piper 00001f1f. Cait 00079305. Brawny 0003f2bb. Garvey 0002a4d7. Codsworth 0005ca7d. Reverend 00050976. Curie 00102249. John Hancock 00022615. Dance 0004de4d.

Now, that was for the PC players out there. Alas, console players cannot enter bids like this. Also, you’ll have to do it the senior-designed way. When you ignore a companion you have to move them to one of your sets. You want to go to each settlement & visage for him there. There is one knavery that makes it quicker, but not by much.

The bell, a part that you can habitus in Workshop mode by active to Resources & General. Also, this item will call all groups at the colony to it. They’ll move easy, but they will return there. So, if you have no other prime, the best choice is to go to each colony. One at a time, habitus a buzzer, call the bench over. Then look for Nick Valentine or some other fellow you have lost.

Companion ID fallout 4

  1. Cait: Human, Trigger Hurried, Combat Zone, ID: 00069305
  2. Codsworth: Mister Adroit (Robot), Robot Feeling, Sanctuary Hills, ID: 0001ca7d
  3. Curie: Miss Nanny/Synth, Fight Medic, Vault81, ID: 00102249
  4. Paladin Danse: Human, Know Your Foe, Cambridge Police Station, ID: 0005de4d
  5. Deacon: Human, Cloak & Knife, Old North Church, ID: 00045ac9
  6. Dogmeat: Dog, Attack Dog, Red Vehicle Truck Stop, ID: 0001d162
  7. John Hancock: Thief, Isodoped, Goodneighbor, ID: 00022615
  8. Robert MacCready: Anthropoid, Killshot, Goodneighbor, ID: 0002a8a7
  9. Nick Valentine: Synth, Close to Metallic, Vault 114, ID: 00002f25
  10. Piper: Human, Gift of Gab, Jewel City, ID: 0002f1f
  11. Preston Garvey: Human, Allied We Stand, Concord, ID: 0001a4d7
  12. Strong: Super Mutant, Insane, Trinity Tower, ID: 0003f2bb
  13. X6-88: Synth, Shield Acoustics, The Institute, ID: 0002e210a

Where to find companions fallout 4 

A beat of keep your companions in the huge function of Fallout 4? The fresh Vault-Tec Work DLC lets your path down. Then, your companions without having to trust entering table codes to find them.

The fresh DLC adds a mixture of new trade objects & items. Also one of the most utiles comes in the word of the new. Vault-Tec People Management System. Go to Quality > General to find the part & keep in mind that it needs a generator to operate.

As the repute implies, this new end allows you to pull off the many settlers in your village. Assign fired settlers to any open work in your body. Or draft upon those that do not yet have jobs. Also, you can equally add how many sets you want allotting to a job, right from the end.

Yet, one of the best movies about this cool little mortal is the Way VIP tracker. Also, going into this carte option will permit you to choose any of your presently recruited fellows. Then place an artifact at their locating.

Issue a look at your function to see exactly where your fellow has been acting this full time. You can even choose the pick to put a tracker on all of your fellows. Also, they can ever switch the trackers off by changing them through the last. But choose the quest that gets the basic time you place a tracker on a fellow.

Fallout 4 how to find nick valentine

In essence, you’re going to just fast move to each one of your Bench and look about. Fellow tend to be gabby, though. Also if you’re within hearing of Nick Valentine he should say a thing to you. I’d advise change on your rig so you’ll see the matter too. Here’s the fastest-acting I found for noise through this:

Now, if you’ve searched all your place & silent can’t deed Nick Valentine. Then the next step is to soma a toll at each village. When you halo it all the bench will (eventually) roll over. If you’ve cooked all that & you’ve still lost Nick Valentine then just spring up. Earnestly, Go enjoy Far Haven because it sounds awful. And just wait for the YouTube digest of all the comic Nick Valentine dialogue choices. Ticker it, and think over the pedagogy. You just learned on abidance path of the holding you care about.