Horizon Zero Dawn | How to Get The Most OP Armor In Ancient Armory

If you’re seeking Horizon Zero Dawn power cells, you’ll have to explore a vast open area full of deadly robotic monsters. Aloy will have to utilize every tool at her disposal to protect herself, and you’ll need the best Horizon Zero Dawn armor and some power cells to do so.

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells are extremely valuable because obtaining all of them unlocks the Shield Weaver armour, which provides unquestionably the best protection in the game. This rechargeable shield armour may be yours if you find all five power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn, and it basically renders Aloy immortal as long as you don’t take too much damage so it can recharge. 

This Shield Weaver armour is available as part of the Ancient Armory mission, which needs you to locate a secret bunker and solve a few puzzles once you’ve located all of the Horizon Zero Dawn power cells, which we’re here to assist you with.

Armor functions differently in this game than it does in other RPGs. Horizon Zero Dawn only contains sets rather than individual pieces, therefore knowing which one to choose depends on the objective or situation at hand. The issue is that they’re frequently disappointing, necessitating the employment of mods to boost their low numbers.

The Shield-Weaver set, on the other hand, is completely another story. It makes Aloy practically unbeatable when he wears it, and it is by far the greatest in the game. The trouble is that you’ll have to go through numerous steps to get it, including tracking down some rare collectibles and solving the Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory code challenge, which I’ll show you through in this guide.

How to find all power cells locations in Horizon Zero Dawn?

How to find all Horizon Zero Dawn power cells locations

To obtain the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, you must collect power cells from five different locations. Once you acquire them all, you must complete the Ancient Armory quest (which needs Aloy to be at least level 25) and solve a series of puzzles.

To locate the Horizon Zero Dawn power cells, you must first complete the necessary objective. To do so, go to the Embrace in the middle of the global map on the eastern side, where Aloy begins the game. Here you’ll locate a ruin south-west of Devil’s Thirst – search for several rusting pylons beside a big rock formation. Climb to the top of the cliffs and descend into a small underground lake, then follow it to a break in the rock face that leads to an ancient, high-tech bunker.

As soon as you come in, you’ll notice the Shield-Weaver armour, but gaining it isn’t as simple. A locked door to the room where the armour is kept, sealed by five locks, can be found to the right. Two are functioning, while the other three are not, necessitating the use of power cells. To open the armor’s locks, you’ll need three more power cells after this door is opened. Your investigations will start the Ancient Armory quest, and you’ll need to find five Horizon Zero Dawn power cells. 

Locations of Zero Dawn Power Cells

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells are strewn around the map, and some are linked to quest-opening places, so this isn’t something you can finish right away. You’ll need a certain amount of patience. 

Return to the bunker as soon as possible to begin the quest, and then keep a look out for related objectives and regions. 

You can achieve the armour a long way before the end of the game if you start with the first task and tick off the power cells as you go. This will make the following levels much easier.

Location 1 – Horizon Zero Dawn Underground Bunker power cell

Horizon Zero Dawn Underground Bunker power cell

A young Aloy will tumble into an old, abandoned high-tech facility underground at the start of Horizon Zero Dawn. She manages to get out of it without difficulty, but once you play as the grown-up Aloy, you’ll want to get back there as soon as possible. 

After passing through the set of bunker doors you had to figure out how to open as a kid, you’ll come to a doorway blocked by stalactites directly ahead of you. Smash them with your spear to gain access to the area, and the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell will be right in front of you. It will be surrounded by a green diamond.

Location 2 – Horizon Zero Dawn All-Mother Temple power cell

Horizon Zero Dawn All-Mother Temple power cell

The second Horizon Zero Dawn power cell may be found after completing The Proving questline in All-Mother Mountain. Don’t follow Teersa to the left after you’ve found all of your belongings in the vast chamber. 

Instead, proceed straight ahead to the sealed bunker door, which will be illuminated by a bright red flashing hologram. Turn to the left and look down to find a tunnel. Crawl all the way to the finish, and you’ll find the next power cell there.

Location 3 – Horizon Zero Dawn Maker’s End power cell

Horizon Zero Dawn Maker's End power cell

Climbing fans will like the location of the third Horizon Zero Dawn power cell, which is located at the top of the Faro building. Aloy travels there as part of the Maker’s End quest, which leads to – you guessed it – the ruins of Maker’s End. 

Ascend to Faro’s office at the very top of the skyscraper. Turn around and clamber up to the platform at the bottom of the enormous strut that stretches upwards and terminates at the peak of the skyscraper once you’re outdoors. 

You’ll want to hoist yourself up the wall using the hidden handholds – simply follow them all the way to the top, where the green power cell will be waiting.

Location 4 – Horizon Zero Dawn The Grave-Hoard

Horizon Zero Dawn The Grave-Hoard

The fourth power cell may be found in the Grave-Hoard, where you’ll be assigned to as part of the main mission ‘Grave-Hoard.’ After you’ve solved the three lock puzzles to open the ancient bunker doors, proceed straight ahead and open another set of bunker doors on the left side of the corridor. 

Because you’ll be running straight past it during the main ‘Grave-Hoard’ quest, all you have to do is glance down and the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell will be at your feet, beside a supply crate and some mushrooms.

You’ll look at three quality lines here with teaser sequences. These are the solutions (from left to right):

  • Up, right, left, down
  • Up, up, down, up
  • Up, down, left, right

Additively these will open the route upwards and onto the briny area. As soon as you exit that new way after passing done the door, catch the power cell

Location 5 – Horizon Zero Dawn GAIA Prime power cell

Horizon Zero Dawn GAIA Prime power cell

Finally, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘The Mountain That Fell.’ Make your way to GAIA Prime and back down the stairs once you’ve seen the hologram of Faro talking to the alpha scientists in the boardroom.

Make no attempt to descend the zipwire. Instead, slowly move towards the edge of the cliff from the ledge to the left of it, outside of the destroyed metal building, and to the left of the curving metal struts. Drop down to ledge will appear as an option, revealing a secret passage down to a hidden-in-plain-sight place. Aloy will locate the passage downwards if she moves to the left.

This power cell can be saved during the main charge, The Mountain That Brutal. Once you have already entered GAIA Prime. Follow the path inside after unlocking the first door, which will take you through a couple of corridors until you exit outside. Once there, or else of shadowing the objective artifact. Turn to the right side and start towards the big field with the cave access.

Don’t mind about making the mastered jump, though: There is a mitt clasp for you to go back up in case your cipher. Caput to the cave’s entrance, go the purple way. And head to the point of the passageway. The power cell can be picked up from the table on the exact.

How to solve the Ancient Armory code puzzle in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Once you have collected all 5 power cells, move to the Past Armory. It’s inside an object marked on your interpretation as ‘Bunker’. Just west from Mother’s Fall. If you have a fast motion quick, head here and go about the hills to the trap.

Here you’ll lurch upon other sets of puzzles. The basic you’ll want to enter to open the door. Before you get in your 5 power cells. The next is need before you can choose up the armor itself. Present are the puzzle answer in the order you’ll want to sign them:

  • Up, right, down, left up
  • Right, left, up, right, left

Keep in head that once you’ve acted with it, Shield Artisan. It won’t look in your inventory straight, so don’t panic. Open the Wealth Boxes tab & unfastened the Shield-Weaver box to open it. It doesn’t face as cool as the one in the resource. But it will keep you well fortified. It’ll protect you from harm up to a sure point, but if the buckler is close to reduction. It’ll start experience red. But since it doesn’t take long to load, this is a badly tried set of duds.

Where is Power Cells Location in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Uncovering these items and additive the side search Ancient Armory will open. The powerful Shield Weaver armor, which stuccoes Aloy nearly invincible for a time while tiring it. The power cells are given below in the chronological bid they can get in during the main hunt line.

Power Cell 1The first Power Cell can be found while looking into the open globe. After additive the introduction as Young Aloy. Arrive at the ruins where you pay your Focus twist. And retrace your route through the urge. Then down the steps until you come to a sealed door. Pry ajar the door up of you and move to direct the agency to head back part. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find an area with a door blocked. By rock shaping on your right – use your lance to bash. Through the stone and collect the quality cell off the table.

Power Cell 2 – The next Power Cell can be saved in the All-Mother Feature in Mother’s Ticker. During the quest Uterus of the Mountain, exact after you sheer The Proving. After finding your equipment & speaking to Woman Teresa. Cross the hall to the bolted door before pursuing her out of the defense. Next to the barred door is an open airing duct. Move through it to come in the room beyond the entry & due to a Power Cell.

If you did not owe the Power Cell during the hunt you can come back to Mother’s Watch. At night to get rear into the All-Mother Feature. If you tour during the time the gate will be bolted.

NOTE: If you hot travel to Mother’s Shift you’ll want to walk/run to. And over, the span outside of town earlier the gross will ajar.

Power Cell 3 – The 3rd power cell can be saved in Maker’s Point, at first. During the story quest of the said sanction. Once you’ve scaly the F.A.S. Edifice up to Faro’s Agency. Near the point of the mission – you’ll need to scale the column. At the east ending of the office to the same tip-top of the edifice.

Power Cell 4 – The side-by-side Cell can be gathered starting in the mission at & named the Grave Cache. After downhill down into the decay, you’ll want to open a lepton lock. By device three mechanics to go on the mission. Once the fixing has been agape, you’ll deed this power cell. That is lying on the earth on the other top of the door.

Power Cell 5 – The last power cell can be saved in the edifice during the charge The Mountain That Fell. After talking to Sylens in his shop, climb behind the lift shaft. Then abseil down into the ruins. Before tailing your objective artifact to the right. Then turn left and travel north. Climb up the dust ahead of you and caput into the blue-lit spelunk up of you. On a ledge in the back area, you’ll find the final quality cell.

For more on Line Zero Dawn’s payable, be sure to stay. The Data points, Stranded Part, and Ancient Tube pages. 

How to Unlock the Armor?

Coming back to the lab & use the power cells to sheer the circuit. Then unlock the fasten by scope the dials. The nil for these is the slant of bunk. So the dials should be upset: right, left, top, right, left. This will permit Aloy to due the armor – open the Outfit Box in your list. Just to unlock & equip the Shield Artisan outfit.

This armor can’t fit any qualify, but less than makes up for it. By letting Alloy soak up a VAST amount of harm before taking any of her to possess. Living an eye out for the armor flash red and making a high-pitch bright sound. Which betoken that your antitank shield is almost out of quality.

This armor proves priceless going into the last. So be sure you’ve massed them all before arrival the last many missions.