How to Use Fallout 76 Legendary Modules | Where To Find in FO76

Fallout games are always notoriously difficult, and it’s simple to see why. Each Fallout game is massive, with a number of intricate features that must be learned in order to continue. Even though Fallout 76 has been out for quite some time, many players are still perplexed by certain aspects. One is how to use legendary modules correctly.

These legendary modules appear to be quite promising, especially given their high price tag. Even after acquiring them, however, few players are able to open or utilize them.

Legendary modules, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update, are a type of money and crafting component in Fallout 76.

Legendary things are made with legendary modules. To make legendary armor, you’ll need one piece, and to make legendary weapons, you’ll need two. It also serves as a component in legendary crafting.

All of the legendary weapons and armor in Fallout 76 may be found in the legendary modules. Because they are the most important components of legendary gear, it’s a guarantee that they’re good at playing the hard-to-get game. Legendary modules are expensive since they are the most important component of legendary weaponry. You can also utilize it to make the majority of the game’s high-level items.

How to Use Fallout 76 Legendary Modules

Where to Find Legendary Modules in Fallout 76?

If you’ve been playing Fallout 76 since the beginning, you’re probably already aware of how to obtain legendary modules, as the components have been available since 2019. If you’re new to the Appalachia wasteland, or the Steel Reign update has prompted you to revisit Bethesda’s live service, here’s a quick rundown.

Legendary modules can only be purchased from Purveyor Murmrgh, a merchant who can be found at The Rusty Pick. This miner’s tavern may be located in the “Ash Heap” location in the southwest portion of the map.

Purveyor Murmrgh sells legendary modules for 50 legendary scrips each, with a limit of 10 legendary modules in stock at any given moment. When she joins a new server, her inventory will be reset.

Now that you cognize where you can go the Fallout 76 Legendary Modules. It is time to state what you can acquire with them & why you’d need to use them. Chiefly, as we mentioned earlier these Legendary Modules are needful for jolly much all end game gear. Moreover, you can find a few models of high-level gear that need the modules set below.


  • Solar Armor
  • Thorn Armor
  • Secret Service Armor
  • Strangler heart power armor


  • Plasma Caster
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauss Minigun
  • Gauss Pistol
  • Gauss Shotgun
  • Cattleprod

Total, Fallout 76 Legendary Modules are basal if you want to trade any coercive end game gear. With that in the head, we urge saving your Modules until you are utterly sure about items. You lack craft, as it is one heck of a nerd to get more.

In ‘Fallout 76,’ Where Can You Find Legendary Cores?

Legendary cores are a brand-new feature in Fallout 76, and they can’t be bought. Instead, you’ll have to put in some effort to earn the crafting component, which you may accomplish by engaging in public events, season events, or daily ops. You will be rewarded with additional components the more challenging the event is.

Tucker said why this is the case: “We put greater emphasis on some of the public events where we don’t see as much player interaction.” We know they’re entertaining, and we frequently hear from players who want to participate but can’t find anyone else to play with.

“We’re making sure to promote better prizes for the more tough events because a lot of people will figure out what’s the best use of my time to earn my reward.” Our legendary cores for crafting are one of the ways we’re achieving it.”

To put it another way, legendary cores are now being supplied as an inducement to participate in the more difficult public events. The legendary core drop rate for each event can be seen on the Fallout wiki, however, the item is most abundantly awarded in “A Colossal Problem,” with eight cores added to your inventory following completion of the mission.

Fallout 76 legendary weapons

Legendary weapons are most usually found on the torso of “Legendary” variants of a foe. These forces spawn at ergodic locations passim the State, the Land, and Nuka-World. Depending on the effort setting, and will almost ever have a legendary part of equipment in their list. Either a Legendary weapon or Legendary armor. Legendary weapons can also be honor for additive certain quests. And can be pay in a tribute box, albeit often.

The legendary weapons and armor that are saved on enemies are ergodic. There are certain “Pond” of said artillery and armor types generally tied to the type of foe. And located in which they are bred. The certain legendary variable of weapons brushes early in the game. This includes optical device muskets and pipe handguns. It will not spawn on Arm, but will always have a casual to be saved on legendary enemies. With an area-specific debased flat cap (e.g. the thief in Super Duper Mart).

Fallout 76 Craftable legendary Weapons

In Fallout 4, Legendary weapon effects are special modifications practical to base weapons. This uses peculiar affix modifiers, not gettable elsewhere. Legendary weapons cannot be fleck. But can be foster modified and listed with the seller. An on-screen telling sort the player that they have taken a Legendary weapon. In the Pip-Boy’s ware screen, they are starred with a star. Unlike specific weapons, they are irregular & are never titled. Legendary effects can ply the same effects as single weapons. Though; a “Grim .44 pistol” is the same as Kellogg’s piece. Similar to unique arms, Legendary weapons can be given a customized name.

Fallout 76 Legendary weapon Module

Once you outset striking the higher levels in Fallout 76 (60 and above). You’ll need to start looking for the very best arm in the game. The chief way to get Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76 is to ending Legendary foe. The difficulty is, they’re not all that popular unless you know where to face that is. We’ve traded some surefire ways to grow Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76 below. All you want to do is desire out these cases & server hop until you deed each one. If you’re looking at forming your weapons handle finer in Fallout 76. You’ll lack to add Weapon Mods. These can be increased to any arm using a Weapons Bench. You’ll want to have unbolted the mods via plans first though. This can be saved out in the global. You can also unlock fresh sets of mods via definite Benefit Cards.

Uranium Fever: This case will actuate in the Blackwater Mine area. You’ll look off against up to 3 legendary forces that will drop broad-level gear.

AWOL Armaments: This case can be lost at the RobCo Research Center. You’ll yield on two Mr. Gutsy foes than a final legendary enemy set inside the artifact.

Horde Events: All horde events saved all over the situate will have a soul who is always legendary.

One Violent Night: Saved in the upper right-hand nook of the map. This effect always ends by coat off against a legendary Wendigo force.

Leader of the Pack: Placed in the Tract area, this event breeds legendary wolves.

If you want to construct the most powerful gear used in the end-game in Fallout 76, you’ll need Legendary Modules. Legendary gear will aid in the construction of the most popular weapons and armors for players that are far ahead in the game. Power Armor, end-game gear, and Wasteland items like Solar Armor and Plasma Caster are all included.

Obtaining Legendary Modules is a painstaking process, and I don’t say it lightly! Keep these modules on hand as a dedicated Fallout player and only use them if you are certain about constructing a piece of gear. I understand how horrible it feels to hand over all of your hard-earned Scrips to Purveyor in exchange for legendary gear. However, ruling the wastelands is a modest price to pay.