Sims 4 Serial Killer Mod

Sims 4 Serial Killer Kill Mod Extreme Violence Download & Gun Use Guide

Serial Killer Mod is backed by the studio of drama, so download Sims 4 Serial Killer Mod and change the perspective of the violence mod in the game. This is the custom script of the game which leads you to Animations interactions. It is coming up with the 4 new interactions. There are sound, voices, lip synchronization and effects. 

Sims 4 Kill Mod

Sims 4 kill mod is blooded with knives and guns, with use of these weapons sims can kill anyone he wants. Mod is specifically designed to kill any of the other opponent characters. 

Sim 4 kill mod does not require any of the other additional files. It is working basic game mod. 


Sims 4 Murder Mod. It is confirming his place in the Top 5 Violence Game. This is all set by the Creator of the game. You will face here dramatic in-depth game.

Sims 4 Gun Mod

Gun mod is better than using knives to kill characters. It does not have any risk to kill someone, Just shoot and kill them that’s it. This mod is under the Sims Serial Killer Mod. 

Sims 4 Violence Mod

Sims 4 Serial Killer Mod

In Sims 4 Violence Mod 2019 has been great in violence games. Deadly Toddlers are a violent character of the game that kills the opponent Sims by violent weapons. Violence Mod is enhanced with the Sims 4 extreme violence mod. It is updated with some extremely violent weapons. 

18+ Sims 4 Serial Killer Mod is also available. The installation process of Serial Killer Mod is easy so let’s see how to install Sims 4 Serial Killer Mod. 

First thing you have to attend for Sims 4 Mod Folder files. So, you have to put all files of Serial Killer Mod in the specific Sims 4 Mod Folder. Then simply run with the administrator files and you will get the running sims as a serial killer.