Where to Find Crashed UFO And Alien Blaster in Fallout 4 Full Story Guide

In case you didn’t play the howling Fallout 3 DLC or haven’t been hot enough to clash them before. So here’s some content for you: there are aliens in Fallout 4. they’re tough to seek out. Only shooting up at seemingly random points within the game. But play enough and eventually, you’ll encounter one. However, the interaction will usually contain seeing their ship streak across the sky. Also hearing it crash at some unknown location.

There seem to be a few spots where this will happen. But far &  away the fore joint is true around Jewel City. So here’s the way to find the crashed UFO & hence the Alien Blaster weapon that it brings.

Where to Find Crashed UFO And Alien Blaster in Fallout 4

Where is the Crashed UFO? (Map Guide)

First up, this is often not a completely random event. The UFO will appear & crash on just one occasion you’ve completed certain missions. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure what those are at this point. But many are coverage that tract out Vault 75 does it.

I hadn’t completed this mission, but I had just done some work for the Railroad. And finished the Silver Shroud intro quest. I’d recommend trying these if you continue to got to trigger the UFO crash.

Once you’ve done the proper set of missions you’ll hear something enter the sky. Your fellow might respond, speech something like “did you only witness that?” If you search at the proper time you ought to see the ship fly across the sky.

Leaving a trail behind. You’ll then hear the crash off within the distance, which you’ll need to locate.

Where to find Alien Blaster? ( Crashed Ship Location)

To do so you’ll want to visit the world between the Beantown Brewery & Oberland Station. To the northwest of Diamond City. The ship is going to be nearby, so just walk to the east. Also, you ought to spot the remnants of a fire. During this area, you’ll find the crashed ship. But you’ll want to do any more work to place the Alien Blaster.

To the right/side side of the ship should be a spot of greenish blood. Follow this trail for a touch bit and you’ll encounter a cave. Inside are going to be the alien, holding the Alien Blaster that you simply seek. He won’t be too happy to ascertain you, so enter the cave prepped for a fight. Once he’s down you’ll grab the Alien Blaster.

This weapon is pretty powerful, featuring a damage rating of fifty & decent stats all around. It’s also worth over 1400 caps, just in case you’re not a lover of energy weapons. One issue with it’s that it uses the precise alien ammo that you simply get here. Also making it pretty hard to use future. Still, you’ll mod the weapon to use standard Fusion Cells. So I’d recommend that if you’re getting to utilize the Alien Blaster a bunch throughout Fallout 4.

As I said, there are a few other places that this might happen in Fallout 4. But this is often far and away from the foremost common for players. Follow these steps & you ought to be blasting away together with your fancy new alien weapon in no time.

UFO Crash Fallout

The UFO crash site is an marked location within the State in 2287. Just east-southeast of Oberland station. Still, there’ll not be anything there until the UFO crash occurs. When moving around the Commonwealth after reach level 10, a random encounter may occur. Where the only Person hears the sound of an future plane. A tube will then pass quickly by surface before crashing within the region. It leaves a definite trail of smoke. The ship always crashes within the same location & one can hear the explosion from a distance.

Alternatively, if the only Survivor activates relay tower 1DL-109. A radio wave titled “garbled radio beacon” is going to be discovered. If they tune their radio to the rate. They will travel east & therefore the signal will resolve to a better quality until they discover a crashed alien vessel.

UFO Crash Site Fallout

The site film a half-buried UFO during a slope with a skid area of termination. Including broken trees, flattened ground & scattered flames. the encompassing trees are going to be permanently ablaze, making the situation easier to identify from afar. There’s no thanks to entering the UFO, nor anything to scavenge at the crash. But next to the still burning UFO may be a trail of green blood. The only Survivor can follow the trail slightly north. Down into a ravine then into a close-by unmarked cave.

Outside the cave is an alien with an exotic blaster pistol & 171–441 alien blaster rounds. If the alien is targeted in V.A.T.S., it’ll show that its right leg is crippled. Onsight, the alien will immediately attack the only Survivor. Close to the alien may be a human scandal. And ham radio which is that the point of the nearby illogical radio beacon. Paring the ham radio off will alter the beacon.


Zetans are an alien civilization & humanoid species. Zetans are bantam, hairless, yellowish-green-skinned humanoids with short, wiry limbs & green blood. Their heads are disproportionately large, with round, heavy-lidded. Solid black eyeballs with no discernible iris or pupil; a skinny.

Edentate mouth with chromatic tongue & 2 pairs of little holes where ears & nostrils would be. Zetans haven’t any opposable thumbs. Each hand having three long, tentacle-like fingers with large suction cups. Which are at each fingertip that allows them to control objects. they’re physically fragile. Also rely heavily on advanced weaponry, robotics, and energy shielding to bypass this weakness.

They breathe an identical atmosphere to humans. And (at most those on Zeta) subsist chiefly on a diet of alien louse and calamari.


The alien is an extraterrestrial found within the Commonwealth in 2287. It can is often located during a cave near the UFO crash site. The alien appears as a humanoid creature roughly the peak of a mean human. It possesses four limbs: two arms that end in three-fingered hands with opposable thumbs. Also, two legs whose digits cannot yet be discerned.

The alien features a large head that features two pitch-black eyes, pointed ears. A flat nose with two nostrils and a mouth with nine-pointed teeth. The alien’s skin may be a pale yellowish-green hue with dark splotches scattered about.

When killed with a head shot, the beast green-colored wit matter is often seen going mobile. Leaving roughly half its cranium exposed. An unknown blue-colored anatomical factor is seen when its head or member are damaged. The alien is seemingly capable of breathing within the earth’s atmosphere. When fresh, the alien’s blood appears to be a light-weight green. Becoming darker because it dries, almost like human blood.